Focus on your core business needs and leave the rest to us. If you don’t want to have an IT team on your own, you can delegate any task to an external source. JustRaspberry is a dedicated partner prepared to supply your project with the full stack of passionate professionals who are ready to dive into the entire mobile and web development and design process without your involved efforts of managing them. Taking the task by yourself can be time-consuming, whereas enlisting an already established and well-coordinated team of experts is the best cost-effective solution.
Even Google outsourced a department that is now responsible for one of its top-grossing products, AdWords.


Imagine getting a talented team of IT professionals without having to hire, train or fire anyone. In simple words, if you want to relocate a business process from your country to a country far away, we have a solution. We provide a tight-knit group of well-established professionals that have years of experience in working with clients from all over the world and are more than prepared to offer excellent offshore IT solutions. We know what you are thinking now: “What about different time zones?”. We provide direct communication between your company and our developers: flexibility, constant availability and easily coordinated team which gives us the title of being offshoring experts.
Just think of General Electric. GE was one of the first to transfer certain departments to India, creating a special GECIS (General Electric International Service) department. You can do the same thing and achieve benefits in the field of risk and cost management.


Similar to offshoring, but again completely different. Simply put, if you want to hire an external professional that is in a neighbouring country to yours, we provide you full coverage of the entire mobile and web development process. Whether it’s a one-time project or a long term partnership, JustRaspberry is a safe nearshoring partner, that offers you a friendly environment and a trustworthy companion that will make your project risk free with a significant increase in the quality and efficiency of the operation.
For better understanding, think of what would happen if Ford Motor Company relocated some departments to Canada.

Project-based solutions

Boldness and ideas are key drivers of JustRaspberry. As a reliable partner, we offer a passionate team of perfectionists who are work driven and always seeking challenges and pushing the boundaries of the IT industry. Besides that, we tend to foster unbreakable relationships with our clients providing them loyalty. 
We think of us as a good example of project-based solutions, hiring professionals and performing our business practice within our operational infrastructure.