Use our network to find trust-wordy people to
guard your store, event or company. 


Project Type

Platform to hire Guards

Our role

UI design, Android, iOS, Backend, Web site







The task

Create a platfirm where clients will be able to find reliable guards for their events, and to track statistic and people they worked with. 
Create platform where guards will get offers for jobs and organize their shifts.

What we did

We created app for two types of users - Guard and Customer. User has to create an account and log in to the app. Depending of the role he will have different functions. 

Timeline (Weeks)

Rough Flow scheme

We ImplementeD


  • Individual and group chat
  • Rate users
  • Payment
  • Calendar



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Both type of users are able to track payment history trough the app. 

Customers have history of all guards that worked with for them, all shifts and spendings. 

While waiting for the shift to start and during the shift, team can chat inside the app.