Job Deal

Community that helps you with your chores. Make money by applying as a ‘doer’ or hire reliable people to make your day better by cleaning your house or mowing the lawn.

Project Type

Job seeking and offering platform

Our role

UX/UI design, Android, iOS, Backend,
Web site













The task

Create a platform where users will post a jobs and be able to take jobs and be paid instantly. Jobs are chores and smaller tasks that anyone can do in short perod of time.

What we did

We made app where users can have both roles and post jobs and search jobs by filtering the results.
Users can comunicate trough the app and track history of earnings and spendings.

Timeline (Weeks)

Rough Flow scheme

We Implemented


  • In app payment system
  • Statistic
  • Chat





Both type of users are able to track payment history trough the app. 

Customers have history of all guards that worked with for them, all shifts and spendings. 

While waiting for the shift to start and during the shift, team can chat inside the app.