Convoy Club

A real community for real drivers.
Designed for truck drivers and others who spend a lot of time on the road and want to share information with others.

Project Type

Truck Drivers Community

Our role

UI design, Android, iOS, Backend, Web site












The task

Create a platform where truck drivers can share experiences, useful information and chat with each other.

What we did

We created space where drivers can upload and describe photos, mark the places on the map, search address and navigate to the location and  send messages to eachouther.

Timeline (Weeks)

Rough Flow scheme

We Implemented


  • Navigation
  • Add places on the map
  • Users can rate their experiences
  • Chat feature





Users can use the app for navigation with places that other drivers suggested near the route.

Each user can add a place on the map and rate places added by others, so that the group can rely on its members' reviews.

Users can find and add friends in the app and share information with each other.