JR stories: Today's Intern, Tomorrow's Hire

Getting an internship is one of the best things a student can do to jump-start their professional career. Internships give students an excellent platform on which to build their careers. In this first blog in a series JustRaspberry stories, we interviewed Veljko, a former intern at QA and now a full-time employee and our QA lead, and Jelica, former UX/UI Designer Intern and now a full-time UX/UI Designer, about their career paths, starting off with their experiences as interns, and ask them to share tips & tricks on how to get the most out of the internship. We asked them also to share their experiences, lessons learned, and memories.

What was the most important thing you learned as an intern?

Veljko: The most important thing I have learned in practice is the functioning of a software development process from identifying customer requirements to maintaining and improving the software. Another, certainly more important thing, is the importance of good cooperation and cohesion of team members, both a responsible and professional approach to the task and a friendly atmosphere in which everyone is ready to do their part in the best possible way but also to help another team member. In other words, I learned a lot about the technical side of software development, but also the "invisible" side that sometimes plays a key role in business success.
Jelica: There are a few things I learned. One of them, and for me, the most important is working in a team.  Also, I head the opportunity to communicate with the clients, presenting them my work, which was new for me. This helped me to overcome my fear of presentations and communication in English.

How would you describe JustRaspberry culture?

Veljko: I would describe JustRaspberry environment as an environment that recognizes and appreciates ​​values ​​such as dedication, diligence, perseverance, professionalism but also team spirit, knowledge sharing, a positive attitude towards work, and a good sense of humor. Justraspberry shows how serious projects that require hard work and independent progress can be done in a positive atmosphere so that time passes efficiently and quickly. During one hard day, when you least expect it, you will be able to ride a scooter or take part in a birthday surprise or feel like a real celebrant. (as I had the opportunity when I started the internship)
Jelica: I would describe it as very pleasant. The atmosphere in the team is good, and there are team buildings, which are great opportunities for employees to get to know each other and have a great time together.

What was the biggest challenge you faced?

Veljko: I experienced each project as a great challenge because for the first time I had the opportunity to work on real projects. As the projects are from different areas, I experienced each as a challenge that requires a different approach and introduction to a new subject. However, I can say that this is exactly what makes this job interesting and allows for continuous improvement and learning. In addition to the variety of projects, the challenges I faced were talking to clients from other parts of the world, the variability of their requirements as well as the quick response to those changes. It was this variability and, of course, time as a limiting factor that was the factors of that pressure that I consider positive and that influenced my professional and personal development.
Jelica: My internship started during the coronavirus, and everyone was working from home, including me. The biggest challenge was how to gain the trust of people who didn’t have the opportunity to meet me face to face. Despite my doubts, everybody accepted me very well. Most important is that I had support all the time, and I could rely on my mentor at any time.

How would you compare your internship to transitioning into your full-time role?

Veljko: I would characterize the transition from practice to full-time work as something that greatly affected my self-confidence, motivation, but also a sense of even greater responsibility to respond to new requests and justify the trust that was given to me. My experience is that every effort and work on yourself pays off and that JustRaspberry is a company that will surely recognize that. Switching to full-time rolls gave me the wind in my back to work even harder and improve myself.
Jelica: Transitioning into a full-time role was step by step. During internship, I have no precisely determined time for my tasks. Also, I could choose which one I would do first. Gradually I had approximate time to complete. This helped me a lot, now when I am full-time. As a full-time, I have tasks, with the estimated time to finish them, but also I am still learning to estimate time for the tasks that I need to finish.

What would you say to future interns or people thinking of applying for an internship?

Veljko: I would give advice not to hesitate at all to look for a chance in JustRaspberry. If they want to learn and progress quickly, get first-hand knowledge, work on live projects that cover different areas, work in a team that they will always be able to rely on and that will selflessly share knowledge, JustRaspberry is the right place for their development. 
Jelica: This is a great company, you can learn a lot here. The people who work here are also great. The advantage is that the company is not too big, so you will feel more pleasant, and you will be able to integrate more easily.

Could an internship might be right for you or someone you know? Learn more about the opportunities offered at our career page, and see what sort of qualifications are required – both personal and professional – if you wish to start your career at JustRaspberry.